URIDE: The University Research Informatics Data Environment

The University Research Informatics Data Environment (URIDE) is a data and visualization service integrating de-identified data from multiple clinical and basic science research systems that provides investigators with easy access and complex query capability. The principle use cases for the system are feasibility analysis for possibly future studies and retrospective analysis.


The data de-identification pipeline uses Python and PostgreSQL to QA, aggregate, cleanup and de-identify medical records information from the UHealth Electronic Medical Records system (Epic). The end user application is a multi-tier web-based application, with the front-end being written in HTML and Javascript (bootstrap, jQuery and D3.js). The middle-tier consists of servlets written in Java. The back-end data storage is managed using MongoDB, with Apache Solr providing advanced search and faceting capabilities. We are currently re-building the front-end (adding improved UI features) using AngularJS.

Requires UM Faculty Account