LIFE.wrx is a publicly available web-based search application developed during the NIH Library of Network-based Cellular Signatures (LINCS) pilot program. The primary goal of the LINCS program is to produce data to support a network-based understanding of biology. The consortium data production centers (primarily the Harvard Medical School and the Broad Institute) have generated a diverse set of chemical biology information related to perturbation induced changes in gene expression and other cellular processes. LIFE.wrx integrates data produced by these centers and provides a unified user interface for exploring and downloading this data.


LIFE.wrx leverages several ontologies and external information sources to enrich the LINCS dataset and help to provide context for exploring and presenting search results. The system has been developed as modern multi-tier RESTful application. The service layer is written primarily in Java. The rich user interface has been developed using HTML5 and Javacript. The application also makes use of a number of open source technologies to support a novel hybrid data management layer, which includes MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Apache Solr.


LIFE development has been funded by NIH grant U01HL111561