RegenBase is a research project that applies informatics tools and methods to organize and interrogate experimental data generated by spinal cord injury (SCI) research, with the ultimate goal of translating SCI experimental findings in model organisms into human therapies. 
As members of the project team, we developed MIASCI Online, a web-based tool that enables researchers to curate an experiment or publication and uses MIASCI “behind the scenes” to structure their input.  An important feature is that it establishes relationships between the experimental results and the metadata.
We are also building a search interface for the RegenBase knowledgebase the will borrow from work done for URIDE, LIFE and the DCIC portal. This search tool will also leverage the RegenBase ontology to both aid searching and presentation of the knowledgebase.


MIASCI annotation tool: MongoDB, jQuery
RegenBase search: AngularJS, MongoDB, Apache Solr